What to Expect

On your first visit

During the initial consultation, details of your current complaint will be fully discussed and recorded, and a history taken of your recent and past medical details; this may include particulars of lifestyle and diet.

A physical examination will be performed and you may be asked to remove some clothing (never underwear) in order to more clearly observe posture and reveal the area to be examined. This may only be necessary on your first visit, and is entirely voluntary. The examination can be performed fully clothed if this is preferred.
  • You will be asked to perform a series of test movements to assess range and quality, which, along with the therapist’s hands-on assessment will allow a diagnosis to be made and a treatment plan formed according to your particular needs.
  • You will receive a treatment session, which may consist of mobilisations, manipulation, cranial osteopathy, soft tissue techniques or any combination of the above, as appropriate. You may also be given advice on posture and exercise.

Subsequent visits

  • A brief evaluation of progress is undertaken and if applicable new symptoms discussed. This may lead to adaptation of the treatment plan.
  • A full treatment session will follow.
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