Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession with a science foundation. It uses physical approaches to promote and maintain physical well-being, taking into account variations in individual health.

Physiotherapy may be used for people of all ages. Conditions may include neck and back pain, sporting injuries and other joint or muscle pains arising from trauma, poor posture or from the activities of daily living.

Treatment given may include:

  • mobilisation
  • manipulation,
  • soft tissue techniques
  • craniosacral therapy
  • electrotherapy (ultrasound, power-assisted micro-manipulation (PAM) )
  • exercise
  • postural advice

The aim of treatment is to promote healing, assist with rehabilitation and help restore function.

Physiotherapists practising in the United Kingdom are required by law to be registered with the UK regulator for the health professions, which is the Health Professions Council (HPC)

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